Launch of the National ICT Policy and the Innovation Drive Tomorrow

Mar 13 2018
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Tomorrow I shall be launching the National ICT Policy and the Innovation Drive

What is Zim ICT Drive?

The ICT Drive will be a revolving fund(continuous funding program) that is meant to support the development of young innovators in the ICT field. Supa Mandiwanzira, the minister of ICT and Cyber Security will also be in attendance The objectives of Zim ICT Drive include:
  • Increasing research and development by young innovators
  • Establishing innovation hubs
  • Increasing the number of home-grown ICT applications
  • Creating Employment in Zimbabwe
  • To promote a culture of innovation and development among Zimbos
  • Increase financial literacy
  • Providing training to the beneficiaries of the funds
The hope is that Zim ICT Drive will be able to produce innovators that can tailor-make applications with the Zimbabwean market in mind. I also hope that development of these applications can positively impact the Zimbabwean economy.
E.D.Mnangagwa (President of The Republic of Zimbabwe) 
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