Want to know the actual reasons why beautiful girls are single

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Everyone would like to be in a relationship with someone, but most of the beautiful girls don’t have boyfriends and they are only single. Many questions pop up in your mind why pretty girls are single? Even though they are beautiful, attractive face and structure, they always don’t want to be in a relationship and they like to be themselves and they have some aim to attain in their life.

Different reasons to be single:

Don’t trust the intensions of the guys – Such kinds of the pretty girls usually don’t trust the intensions of the guys and they don’t believe that they can have the good experience and relationship with them. They are forever waiting for the bottom to go down or the best motives to reveal themselves. It is really very hard to meet those humans in front of you when you look behind you and also over the shoulder.

why pretty girls are single

Everyone generally assumes they already have boyfriends – Whenever the hot girls see the hot guys, they usually fall in love but the guys have a general thought that such kinds of the beautiful girls have the boyfriends. This kind of the assumption will be the main reason why beautiful women single and don’t have a boyfriend.

They are as insecure as anyone else – Even though the pretty girls are highly confident being single, they are not totally protected to the constant judgement of the society. They have a common thought in their hearts that they are fine without the man but when they are seeing a guy, they will feel insecure sometimes. With this reason also, they don’t have the boy friend at all.

Some other considerable reasons:

All people make unfair assumptions – When it comes to the beautiful girls, all people are generally making the unfair assumptions that they are obnoxious and they already have two or more numbers of boyfriends. They are not only assuming but they are also spreading the rumours about their relationship status and even the sex life. Although such pretty girls don’t have a relationship even with a single person, the people are spreading like they have sex with more than one person. This kind of rumours will spoil the entire life of the hot girls and they are being single at all.

why beautiful women single

Most of the boys bold enough to talk to the beautiful girls – Most of the boys and younger men want to talk to the hot single girls and pick up them. Even though the good guys are approaching such girls, the beautiful girls are too insecure and shy to make a relationship with them.

The young girls are pretty but never had a boyfriend and they are the challenging persons afraid of the unknown persons. Due to the spreading rumours, insecure thoughts on the guys and various other reasons, they have a hopeless thought of being in a relationship with any guy and they always want to be only single.

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